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Amateur Radio Links

Antenna Dealers

  • Par Electronics --Antennas, Filters For Amateur, SWL, and Scanner
  • ParEnd-Fedz -- full length half wave dipoles
  • PENETROX-- Anti-oxidation
  • PolyPhaser Corp. - Lightning Protection Devices
  • PstRotator - handles just about every controllable rotator in common use, provides automatic tracking for satelites and EME, and lots more
  • Valcom -- Fibreglass Whip Antennas
  • ValorVHF/UHF Antennas -- Via Universal Radio
  • Vectronics -- Tuners, Filters, Dummy Loads, Keyers, Wattmeters
  • W3FF Antennas for HF Portable operations.
  • WB0W, Inc - Antennas, Towers, Hazers, more
  • Wellbrook Communications -- Antenna Loops for MEDIUM WAVE, LONG WAVE & SHORT WAVE
  • WireMan Inc -- Wires, Coax, Baluns A Bunch
  • WX0B -- StackMatch - for stacking, phasing, and switching antennas